What is Acro Yoga Mtl? What is Sattva Yoga ?

Acro Yoga Mtl (Montreal style) is a grounding and uplifting practice that has the potential to strengthen communication and trust between people. It is creative, challenging, and always new.

SATTVA Yoga is the Energy of lucidity, balance and a peaceful mind. Sattva yoga emphasizes the principle of compassion, generosity and the desire for knowledge.

”  I believe that safe physical contact is essential to our vitality and is healing on so many levels. It always brightens my day if someone intuits when they are welcome to put a hand on my shoulder or offer a hug.  In 2003 at a Contact Yoga workshop in Chicago with Ken Scott, I had my first awakening to the potential of yoga as true “union” with others. Curious to step off the island of my yoga mat and onto the floor with so many other yogis and yoginis, in a realm where we were invited to explore shaping our yoga practice together. Like pieces of a puzzle, people fit together in so many new shapes and forms. It is creative play- built on a foundation of exploration, sensitivity and trust. ”

~ Lori Flower

If you would like to be notified about future classes & workshops with Lori,

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Thank you!

Lori Flower, Sattva Yoga  ~  Interdisciplinary RYT & Acro Yoga MTL Instructor 2000- Present


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