What to expect in an Acro Yoga Mtl workshop

Acro Yoga Mtl is a grounding and uplifting practice that can be playful and challenging as it beholds the power to turn your world upside down!
Students are guided through a Vinyasa warm up which includes: Core conditioning, Inversions, and Balancing postures. Group activities and creative process help increase relational awareness and prepare students for flying and basing and spotting.
These workshops are beginner friendly, although it would help to already have a base of yoga or gymnastic/dance experience.
Benefits include: Abundant blood flow to the brain- increased mental clarity, Core & upper body strengthening, Interconnection, Trust building, Smiles and Laughter and Sheer Joy!

Acro Yoga/ Therapeutics and Thai Bodywork  

This practice is a gentle and nurturing approach to partner yoga work with a Therapeutic focus.
Students will work in groups to fly, base and support each other in postures that assist deep, passive stretching. Communication and trust are key ingredients that develop in this practice. Thai massage complements and integrates our work together.

Benefits include: assisted stretching and lengthening of the muscles, stimulation of acupressure points that help nourish the flow of prana, deep inner peace, connection and bliss!

Abbi Jaffe and Lori Flower at Dharma Door Retreat in Underhill, VT


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