Biography for Lori Flower

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Lori Flower (Previously Flammer-Mortimer)  is a dedicated and passionate teacher who is loves to flow in life and in yoga. Her creative process pours into her classes, as she guides her students into balance through spontaneous vinyasa based sequences. Every class is revitalizing, sourcing from new and ancient fountains of inspiration. 
She has served as Yoga Instructor for ; UVM Physical Education and Medical Students, Champlain College, Charlotte Waldorf High School, Renaissance School, General Dynamics, YMCA, Yoga Vermont, Yoga Mountain Center, Ayurvedic Center of VT, Sky Meadow Retreat Center, Dreaming Mountain Retreat Center and Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.
Timeline of significant events:
1994: Lori discovers yoga during college and is inspired by her 72 year old Iyengar instructor, who stands easily on her head.
1996: Lori becomes an avid whitewater kayaker, assistant white water rafting guide, and is initiated into Reiki I and II 
1997: Feeling a desire to connect deeply with the earth, Lori Flammer spends 3 months working on Organic Farms in France, Germany and N.H.
1999 : Flammer graduates from SUNY Purchase with a BFA in Film/ Documentary. 
2000: Lori works at Omega Institute as the staff photographer and stays on for a month long Interdisciplinary Yoga teacher training with Don and Amba Stapleton.
2002: Lori connects with other yogis in VT and leads kirtan regularly.
2003:  Sattva Yoga is conceived.
2004: Lori travels to India to see how yoga is practiced there. She studies Yoga & Ayurvedic Massage.
2006:  Feeling called to work with the earth again, Lori  undergoes a nine  month herbal apprenticeship with Rosemary Gladstar at Sage Mtn.
2007: Lori Flammer – Mortimer  lives and learns in an eco- homestead in Bakersfield, VT
2008:  Lori utilizes her herbal wisdom &  creates a new company, making healing herbal products infused with yogic philosophy:
2009:  Lori gives birth to daughter, Aura Zee through an emergency C-section, learns humility and gradually rebuilds her core muscles from ground zero while re-awakenening her yoga practice.
2011:  Lori is certified to teach level 1 Acro Yoga through Acro Yoga Montreal
2012:  Lori Flower completes training in Level I and Level II of Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai massage,  through the ShivaShakti school of Yoga and Healing arts.  She completes Level II Acro Yoga training through Acro Yoga Mtl .
2013: Magic unfolding….through: 
Lori is grateful for the opportunity to have studied with and been in the presence of many incredible  teachers through the years; Don and Amba Stapleton, Todd Norian,  Dharma Mittra, Andre Lappe, Beryl Bender Birch, Seane Corne, Donna Farhi, TKV & Kaustaub Desikachaur,  Rodney Yee, Ken Scott (Nateshvar), Euguene Poku and Jessie Goldberg (Acro Yogis at Ashtanga Montreal) & Krishna Perry and Aiyana Athenian ( Thai massage).


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  1. Nickie D said,

    August 30, 2011 at 1:03 am

    I have found Lori’s yoga ‘classes’ to be moving and peaceful. I was physically challenged for a time and Lori made me feel safe as well as inspired me to heal. She is a wonderful teacher and if you have the opportunity to experience her class you are blessed.

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